Connection to MacGregor

Connection to MacGregor

Code of Arms MacGregorClan MacGregor or Clan Gregor is a Highland Scottish clan with a storied past. King James VI issued an edict proclaiming the name of MacGregor ‘altogidder abolisheed’, meaning that those who bore the name must renounce it or suffer death. Additionally, Robert the Bruce, granted much of the MacGregor lands, to the chief of Clan Campbell. The Campbells ejected the unfortunate MacGregors from these lands, forcing them to retire deeper into their lands. (source:

My grandfather would tell stories how my ancestors had to change their name from Gregor to Rogers to avoid persecution during these times. The stories were filled with determination and perseverance. So to own honor that family history, I decided to name my business MacGregor Consulting.

Dedication to Small Business

Small BusinessI started my professional career with T. Rowe Price in the financial services industry. I had the pleasure dealing directly with small business owners for more than 16 years. I managed a department which was responsible for sales and service of retirement plans. As a project lead for the marketing department, I successfully redesigned the website used for plan administration and foster B2B relationships with third party administrators.

In 2012, I moved into the consulting arena for a regional bank in upstate NY (Farm Credit East, ACA). I continued the focus on small business owners by provided tax planning, payroll/accounting services, and business profitability consulting.

Education and Expertise

Education vs ExperienceThroughout my professional career, I have respect expertise whether it has come from education or experience or both. Early on at T Rowe Price, I attained my series 7, 63 and my health and life insurance licenses. As a moved into management I completed my MBA from the University of Tampa. I was always looking for opportunities to sharpen my skill sets.

Finally, I moved into marketing career path and pursued certifications in Website Design from the University of South Florida and Digital Media and Marketing from Duke University. My areas expertise include SEO, PPC, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Analytics, Conversion Optimization & Display Advertising.

I have always valued working with people who could not only “talk the talk” but also “walk the walk.” Small business owners definitely “walk the walk” and their time is extremely important. The purpose of MacGregor Consulting is to provide practical advice that leads to tangible results. My blog will be focused on actionable items that can help advance small business owners to a more effective way of doing business.